• Shaping The Future of Safety

    For over thirty years, The SRI Group has developed and pioneered superior management system technologies and helped countless organizations achieve operational excellence and foster a culture of excellence.
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  • The World's Most Successful Safety Initiative!

    For over 35 years, the Structured Safety Process has never failed to dramatically reduce incident rates, improve performance and optimize the systems that lead to safety excellence.
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  • The Absolute Easiest Way to Measure Your Management Systems

    Excellence Map (eMap) Assessment System is the absolute easiest way to measure the effectiveness of your management systems across the entire organization.
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  • Building Strong Leaders
    Safety Leadership Training

    Essential to the success of every organization is a well-trained personnel. Discover the difference that safety leadership training from The SRI Group can make in helping you to improve safety performance.
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Welcome to The SRI Group, Inc. 

The SRI Group, Inc. is a global consulting firm that helps companies create an optimized workplace through management systems consulting. For over thirty years, we have developed and pioneered superior management system technologies and helped countless organizations achieve operational excellence and streamline organizational functioning by developing a strong leadership that fosters a culture of excellence.

Business and Management Innovation for Operational Excellence

At The SRI Group, Inc., we understand the complexities of today’s business environment and work to develop common sense solutions which provide immediate results. Our products and services provide clients with tools they need to turn safety programs into safe work. The benefits of our approach go far beyond reducing injuries, they provide a platform for operational excellence.

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and 30 years experience with many of industries finest companies have produced best in class performance time and again. SRI’s clients know they can count on us for innovative, yet proven, solutions and lasting results.

Safety Management Systems

The SRI Group works with companies to seamlessly integrate the management of safety systems into all core business operations. The Structured Safety Process (SSP) is a comprehensive safety management system we have developed that connects existing systems, policies, procedures and adds innovative proven technologies to fill in the neccessary gaps. Our goal is to help your organization achieve and maintain safety excellence. Our success depends on yours.


Recent News

TIPPS 2.0 - Redesigned

After a decade of deployment in hundreds of facilities, we have redesigned our very successful TIPPS Software. TIPPS 2.0 has been redesigned from the ground up with a better, faster architecture and many feature enhancements. Capitalize on the safety data that is generated daily in your facilities. Spot trends and eliminate risks with TIPPS 2.0.
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Excellence Map (eMap) Assessment System

Safety and Environmental Management Systems - SEMSThe SRI Group Excellence Map (eMap) Assessment System is a highly effective consulting solution that allows you to proactively measure your organization's current performance vs. your desired outcomes.
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